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#UCLFinal: Liverpool vs Real Madrid in the Champions League Final 2022

Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Only a few hours and minutes separate us from the match of the season that every follower and football lover around the world is waiting for, as it is the final match of the Champions League for the current sports season 2022/2021, which will end with that fiery football battle between Liverpool and Real Madrid, and in the coming lines we will show you the expected formation and the most prominent for both teams, and the comprehensive guide to the match.

Above all, the two teams enter with full force to win and nothing else, there is no place for a tie and sharing the title, there must be a winner and crowned with the title to the delight of its fans, and a defeated team must come back loaded with disappointment and great sadness that will only be forgotten by replacing it with another title in the tournament .

Real Madrid is the giant of the European continent and the most crowned team in the European Champions League with 13 titles, and enters the final in search of its fourteenth title and the continued imposition of control over the continent, but Liverpool is also one of the giants of the continent and there is nothing wrong with it. The Reds have 6 titles at the championship level, which is the third most teams crowned in the Champions League.

The date of the match between Liverpool and Real Madrid today
The Reds meet with the Royal Club in the top and most important matches of the season, where the summit is not divisible by two, the Champions League final and a historic title that every team wishes, which we will witness today, Saturday, on the twenty-eighth of May, 2022 in France, specifically in the capital, Paris. The famous Stade de France.

The referee’s whistle in the match will be for French referee Clauman Turpin, who will blow his whistle announcing the start of the events of the final dreams at exactly eight o’clock in the evening according to the time of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, nine in the evening according to the time of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Libya and Sudan, ten in the evening according to the time of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the State of Qatar and Iraq. , eleven in the evening, according to the time of the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman.


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