Water Intoxication, Other Unfortunate Deaths Caused By Food

Food is not only a necessary part of life but one that plays a very important role in many different cultures, religions, and homes.

It can bring people together, whether bonding over creating a new dish or passing down recipes from one to another.

Food can be an indulgence for some, a reward for others, or a passion for those who wish to make cooking their career.

While food can have many positive roles, it can also lead to some very disastrous results. From outbreaks to recalls to the development of diseases and allergic reactions, food can play a starring role when it comes to negative side effects.

Many times, these side effects are known and can be prevented, but other times… not so much.

Below are  few instances where food and drink or their production played a very unfortunate role in human life:

Death By Chocolate

Chocolate Bar

While the name “Death by Chocolate” is most commonly used to describe different types of chocolate dishes or as an expression that can sometimes be thrown around when someone has too much chocolate to eat, for Mr. Vincent Smith Jr., it was a literal description of his untimely death.

In 2009, Mr. Smith, 29, had recently been hired at Lyons and Sons in Camden, New Jersey, which processes and mixes chocolates.

He was standing on top of a platform over a vat of melting chocolate. Mr. Smith had been in charge of adding chocolate into the vat when he apparently slipped and fell in.

One of his coworkers saw him fall and ran to the shut-off valve, but Mr. Smith had been hit by one of the paddles inside the vat, which keeps the chocolate moving.

By the time his coworkers got him out of the vat, it was too late, and Mr. Smith was pronounced dead due to being hit by the paddle and pulled under the hot, melting chocolate.

While the fall was ruled accidental by police, it was discovered that the company had been working without the proper permits.

Lyons and Sons was then investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration over their safety precautions, and the family filed a wrongful death suit.


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