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US Airbase Hit By Rockets In Iran. Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps takes credit for the attack.

The exchange between the United States of America and Iraq seems to be taking a turn for the worse as an airbase belonging to the United States has reportedly gotten hit by some rockets. This was made known by security sources of the United States this morning and information has not been received that there were any casulties in the aftermath of the attack but forces have revealed the the Al-Asad base of the US has been hit with “multiple rockets”.
Remember that the US ordered for the assassination of respected Iraqi General, Qasem SOleimani who was struck dead along other Iraqi officials in a drone attack on Friday. The Iraqi government has adopted the stance of getting a severe revenge back at the US.

Watch the video of the alleged attack that was shown on Iraqi official television earlier this evening.

Video Credit: Reuter News Twitter.

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps has taken credit for the attacks.


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