Which Female Super Hero Are You

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some superheroes can become invisible, and some can fly faster than the speed of sound while wearing a cape, seen as a blur from the ground.

Others appear as ordinary people, who keep their powers and abilities under wrap, or they don’t have superpowers at all.

But if you take a look at the cast of characters on our superhero screens these days, it looks a little bit different.

It’s time to know which female super hero you have inside you!

So grab a cape and find a villain: you’re about to become very super.

  • Did You Have a Tough Life Growing Up?

    • I had an incredibly traumatic and strict childhood.
    • Overall, my childhood was good, but I did have some serious disagreements with my parents.
    • I didn’t have the worst childhood, but I did have a horrible parent.
    • No, my parents were very supportive and loved me.
    • It wasn’t bad, but I had a significant loss that was very hard for me.
  • What Scare You Most?

    • Being a very cool person
    • Not good at making friends
    • Loosing a loved ones!
    • Not knowing what’s real
    • Loosing control
    • Being a bad person
  • Why Do You Fight?

    • To protect my loved one
    • I want to be doing the right thing
    • To pay back what others have given to me
    • I don’t want the other person to suffer the way I have
    • For Justice!
  • Do You Work Well With Others Or Are You More Of a Solo Type?

    • Team Work
    • Alone
    • Both!
  • How Do You Solve Problems?

    • Talking and compromise.
    • I can be pretty reliant on brute force.
    • I like to do the unexpected, just to confuse people. It usually helps.
    • Manipulative
    • Whatever means necessary: brute force, persuasion, threats.
  • What Do You Like To Do For Fun?

    • Read!
    • Construct/assemble Things
    • Ride Horse
    • PlayStation/XBox
    • Dance
    • Hang out with friends
  • Marvel or DC?

    • Marvel
    • DC
  • Have You Ever Felt Like You Were Treated Differently Because You’re a Woman?

    • Yes
    • No
    • A bit
  • What Would You Say Is Your Strongest Trait?

    • My conviction.
    • My thoughtfulness.
    • My quick mind.
    • My love for others.

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