Simple Effective Ways To Talk to God

3. Try to keep following God’s path in good faith in the loving concepts of God and expressing God’s goodwill

But, realize that whatever happens may be a result of a “third person(s)” involved in their self-centered, personal actions/inaction, or their doing the opposite of some of your ideas and needs.

God does not necessarily contravene or interfere with the behavior of disagreeable parties — Why? They, having free will as you do, might not follow love, good morals, the purposes of God, nor stop their misconduct that can involve you.

Events could, thus, depend regrettably on their dangerous/uncaring intersections with your hopeful and peaceful path.

Even in dire events one can talk to God, in the darkest day or when you pass through the valley of death.

You need not fear, but may cry out to Him while trusting God, come what may.


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