Scientist Develop Blood Test That Predict When You Die

‘One reason these results can’t be used directly in clinical work is the bioindicators involved weren’t measured on the same scale in the 12 cohorts of individuals that were studied.’

‘However, it is limited by the fact that being only European data it may not apply to other ethnic groups without further studies.

Dr Amanda Heslegrave, researcher at the UK Dementia Research Institute at University College London, added: ‘Biomarkers give us important insight into what’s happening in health and disease.

‘The large numbers in the study are good and also the fact that they have a large number for outcome – in this case mortality – makes the data more viable.

‘Whilst this study shows this type of profiling can be useful, they do point out importantly it would need further work to develop a score at the individual level that would be useful in real-life situations.

‘So, it’s an exciting step, but it’s not ready yet.’


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