Scientist Develop Blood Test That Predict When You Die

These included BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, alcohol consumption and smoking, as well as any cancer or heart disease diagnosis.

Scores ranged from minus two to three, with every one point increase being linked to a nearly three times higher risk of early death.

The team of researchers then scored the participants’ mortality risk according to the biomarkers in the new blood test.

Over the two-to-16 year follow-up, the test predicted the participants’ risk of death with 83 per cent accuracy.

This was superior to the ‘conventional risk factor test’, which was up to 79 per cent accurate.

Kevin McConway, emeritus professor of applied statistics at The Open University, said: ‘This is a solid and interesting piece of research.

‘But it doesn’t go beyond investigating the plausibility of setting up a system for predicting risk of death.


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