Scientist Develop Blood Test That Predict When You Die

Doctors are generally able to predict if a person will die within the next year based on factors like their blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

However, gauging a person’s mortality risk over the next five to 10 years is more ‘cumbersome’, the team wrote in the journal Nature Communications.

All of the participants were of European descent and were taken from 12 existing studies, or ‘cohorts’.

The studies’ follow-up periods ranged from two-to-16 years. During this time, 5,512 of the participants died.

Academics at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing analysed the blood of thousands of adults, who ranged from 18 to 109 years old.

Within the participants’ blood samples, the team looked for ‘metabolic biomarkers’ that were higher in those who lived longer.

They identified 14 markers that were found in both the men and women, as well as across all ages. These biomarkers were combined into a test.

To assess its effectiveness, the researchers first scored the participants’ risk of death based on ‘conventional factors’.


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