Rwandan Man “Mistakenly” Takes Fiancee To a Hotel.

A man in Lusaka, Rwanda has mistakenly slept with his wife before meeting her officially
A Lusaka based man decided not to marry from the city and sent money to his father in the village. His father did meet a family and informed them of his son’s intentions. Agreements were made and bride price was paid after which the lady was sent to Lusaka to meet the said lady. Hold on to that thought:

A Lusaka-based taxi driver meets a lady who has arrives the city late and has no means of contacting the people she was visiting. He takes advantage of that, takes her to the hotel and slept with her. Morning dawned and both parties departed to their various destinations. The lady to her new fiance and the man to meet his fiancee and get this; they met each other!
The question now is, if you were in that situation, what will you do?

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