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Malaysia Enforces Strict Fines For Not Wearing Your Seatbelt….In The Back Seat!

Anthony loke

A lot of us know that not wearing your seatbelt in the front seat is a crime but what if not wearing your seatbelt in the rear seat is also a crime? Well, wonder no more. The Malaysian government is now looking to enforce a law that makes sure that you are charged 300 Malaysian ringgits (73.3 US Dollars) if you don’t wear your seatbelts in the backseat of your car!
The Malaysian Minister of Transport, Mr. Anthony Loke made this known recently that the law will be strictly enforced starting from this year.
Malaysia first made the installation of rear-seat safety belts a priority in 2009 but have now turned their attention to making sure that people actually wear them. Do you think this will reduce the number of accidents in Malaysia?

The government will also only charge people who are 17 years and above. If you are below 17 years, they will charge the driver instead.


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