lol! Boris Johnson spotted scratching his head while shopping in without a mask

Boris Johnson has been spotted getting his own shopping in at a supermarket – without wearing any nose or face mask.

The prime minister was pictured browsing in a London M&S a few hours after chairing a COBR meeting on the Afghanistan crisis.

He was seen perusing the aisles at the Green Park supermarket and snapped leaving, but at no point was he seen with a face covering.

Mr Johnson was spotted scratching his head as he eyed up the refrigerated meats section and left with a carrier bag full of goods.

Official advice is still that the government ‘expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded and enclosed areas where you come into contact with people you do not normally meet’.

When setting out new rules on masks, which came into force on July 19, Mr Johnson said: ‘I will obviously wear a mask in crowded places where you’re meeting people you don’t know…to protect others and as a matter of simple courtesy’.

It’s unclear how many other people were in the store at the time but at least two other maskless shoppers were seen.

It’s not the first time the PM has been accused of taking his own rules on face coverings lightly.

He was seen being driven from Wembley after the Euros semi-final while not wearing a mask despite sharing the enclosed space with two people not from his household.

At the time, a Downing Street spokesperson said he had put one on shortly after the picture was taken.

The two men accompanying Mr Johnson were wearing masks, as was wife Carrie – albeit with her nose poking out over the top.

The prime minister is double-jabbed but this week scientists have warned the virus may be spreading among people who have had the vaccine to a greater extent than previously thought.


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