Nigerian Lady In Police Custody After Refusing To Refund 950 Thousand Naira Mistakenly Sent To Bank Account

A Nigerian lady has been arrested by the police after she blatantly refused to refund the sum of 950 thousand Naira sent to her account.

According to reports, the sender of the money who is a medical doctor based in the United States recently came to Nigeria got into an affair with the lady. Less than a week into their meeting, she billed him the sum of 95 thousand Naira to buy artificial hair. The man agreed to pay but mistakenly sent her 950 thousand Naira instead of the agreed sum of 95 thousand Naira. Realising his mistake, he called her to explain and demand a refund but shockingly for him, the lady told him she thought it was an extra gift. She went further to place all her Instagram pictures on archive and blocked him on all social media and contact lists.

The issue was eventually reported to the police by the aggrieved man and luckily for him, the lady was arrested and presently cooling her heels in the police station.


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