Food Quiz: Take This Quiz To Find Out How Much You Know About Food!

Take this food quiz to find out how much you know about food. Many people just eat without knowing much about the food they eat so we thought it will be a great idea to bring you a food quiz that will teach you a thing or two. For our other quizzes, make sure you click here

What Are Black Eyed Peas

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What is The National Dish of Germany?

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Which Soft Drink Was Originated in North Carolina, USA?

Food quiz
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Which of These Could Be Described as Nigerian National Dish?

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Edikaikong Is a Popular Delicacy That Originated From Which Part of Nigeria?

Food Quiz
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Which part of Africa is 70% of the world's cocoa produced from?

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Fried mopane worms are extremely popular on the streets of one of these countries. Which is it?

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