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Doctor Killed By Cancer She Spent Her Whole Life Researching

A medical doctor has been dealt a hard blow by the hands of death as she reportedly died from the same type of cancer she had spent virtually her whole life researching.

 Dr. Sharon Hutchison who was a Melanoma expert worked as a researcher at the university of the Highlands and Islands in Inverness, Scotland.

The 39-year old who had originally joined the university research team in the summer of 2018 was diagnosed with skin cancer after spotting a mole on her neck. she underwent surgery but eventually died just a year after being told she had the aggressive form of melanoma.

Prior to her diagnosis, Dr Hutchison had  been employed for around six years  in the radiopharmacy department at Raigmore Hospital where she was involved in producing treatments for thousands of cancer patients. She had also been involved in the development of drug treatments for melanoma at Glasgow University.she continued to work months after her diagnosis up until the beginning of December and underwent two different types of therapy but the cancer spread.She spent her final days in the hospital surrounded by her family and her colleagues have since vowed to carry on her work.

According Dr Antonia Pritchard, a former colleague, She was very stoic. She faced it with immense strength. She was remarkable’. 


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