Cynthia Brown-Long Speaks Out in Support Of Teen Sex Trafficking Victim That Killed Her Abuser.

Cyntoia Brown-Long is a popular name in the tabloids for a reason. Her peculiar case and the reason she went to jail sent shocks shock-waves throughout the world when it was alleged that she was in prison for killing a man who had been abusing her sexually since she was a teen. Some months ago, Cyntoai was released from jail and has become a vocal advocate for women in the same position she found herself years go.

Recently, another teen sex trafficking is facing the same gruesome options Cyntoia faced many years ago. Chrystul Kilzer has now confessed to shooting and killing her then sexual abuser Randy Volar in Wisconsin back in 2018. Kilzer who committed the crime in Wisconsin claims that she was fed up of being abused by the deceased.

According to the Washington Post, Volar and Kizer first crossed parts after the deceasedresponded to her ad on the classifieds site, a classified ads website that became very much known and ultimately shutdown because of sex trafficking.

Volar allegedly paid Kizer for sex and thereafter started milking the relationship by trafficking her to men in exchange for monetary gains for himself. in need of money for snacks and school supplies, Kizer started seeing Volar. Alhough Kizer claimed to be 19 in the ad through which she met Volar, she claims that Volar was definitely aware of her real age as he had invited her over to celebrate her 17th birthday. Kizer allegedly killed Volar after being sexually assulted for a long time.

Speaking to Buzzfeed about the situation, Cyntoai had this to say:

“The justice system — it doesn’t see us as people,” Brown-Long said. “It doesn’t really understand the human experience. There’s no room for mercy. There’s no room for taking into consideration, ‘What was this person going through at this time?’


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