Actor Johann Ofner killed while shooting music video for hip hop band

A stunt co-ordinator on the set of a Bliss N Eso video shoot where a stuntman was accidentally shot and killed has told an inquest he would have “stopped” everything if he knew the weapon was loaded.

Actor Johann Ofner killed while shooting music video for hip hop band

Stuntman and former Ninja Warrior contestant Johann Ofner died from fatal gunshot injuries when a shotgun loaded with blank cartridges was fired on the set of the music video shoot at Brisbane’s Brooklyn Standard bar in 2017.

On Monday, a coronial inquest into the 28-year-old’s death was told firing tests were not carried out on the gun in question.

Stunt co-ordinator Judd Wild, who was responsible for the general stunt safety of performers on the set at the time, told the court he provided first aid when he realised Mr Ofner had been fatally injured.

On the day, he was listed as a safety co-ordinator in addition to his role with the stunt crew but the call sheet was changed at his insistence.

Four weapons, including two blank firing pistols and a replica submachine gun, were selected by the director and stunt co-ordinator to be used on the day.

A sawn-off shotgun loaded with blank cartridges – the weapon that killed Mr Ofner – was also used.


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