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10 Most Strange True Crimes From Around The World

Naked Man Trashes House, Gets Stuck In A Vent

Canada generally isn’t known for its gruesome crimes, though it does have quite a few bizarre cases with questionable motivations, like this one.

It all started in December 2015, when some people in British Columbia started hearing noises from the house next door.

They reported it and notified the family the house belonged to, though it only got weirder from there.

Authorities found a man stuck inside a vent. He was wrapped in insulation, possibly to keep himself warm, though that wouldn’t have been a necessity if he wasn’t also buck naked.

On further inspection, the whole house was found to be trashed, and the man was assumed to have been living in the ceiling, based on the large hole in it from which he clearly fell down.

Police weren’t exactly clear on why he ransacked the house or what he was doing stuck in the vents when they found him—or what he was doing in general.

They were, however, clear on when he got naked: at some point in the middle of his destruction spree, as they found his underwear in the toilet.

That showed that he didn’t come naked for the job, which would have been weird, or at least weirder than it already was, though it really doesn’t explain what the job was and why he was there at all.

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