10 Food Additives That Are Not As Bad As We Thought

Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT)

10 Food Additives That Are Not As Bad As We Thought

Butylated hydroxytoluene is known as a preservative that promotes freshness in foods. In fact, if you’ve looked at the ingredients on a cereal box, you might have seen it there.

Even though BHT does its job well, there are many claims of potential health issues attached to it—including cancer, asthma, and even behavioral issues in children.

Due to the uproar about the potential dangers of BHT, many cereal companies have removed it from their ingredients to appease the masses.

But is it really that bad? Well, not quite. There has been no evidence that BHT leads to cancer, at least not for humans.

When BHT was tested on rats, cancer appeared in the forestomach, an organ that humans don’t even have.

Ironically, BHT has been considered to be anticarcinogenic.

However, like most food additives, BHT can have negative effects in large amounts.


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