10 Food Additives That Are Not As Bad As We Thought


10 Food Additives That Are Not As Bad As We Thought

If you have eaten or drunk anything that’s sugar-free, you’ve probably had aspartame, which is 200 times sweeter than sugar.

As a result, less of the additive is needed, which ultimately means fewer calories.

Considering aspartame’s presence in puddings, diet soda, mints, sugar-free ice cream, and more, no one was surprised to hear claims that diabetes, ADHD, depression, and even cancer could result from consuming it.

To find out if these claims were true, researchers tested aspartame in the lab and on people.

When the studies were done on rats, researchers concluded that large doses of aspartame have no link to health issues.

When the experiments were conducted on humans, cancer did not appear to be associated with aspartame and all the links that were found were possibly coincidences.

As for whether some people might have sensitivities to aspartame, that has also been disproved by recent studies.

Now there’s no doubt that ingesting more than the approved amount of aspartame in a day will cause serious health problems.

So far, it seems okay to drink a diet soda once or twice a day or maybe pop a few mints in your mouth. However, opinions vary and the studies continue.


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