10 Food Additives That Are Not As Bad As We Thought

Tartrazine (Yellow No. 5)

10 Food Additives That Are Not As Bad As We Thought

Sweeteners aren’t the only food additives that have been under fire for potentially causing all sorts of diseases.

Dyes have been, too. In fact, several dyes that are used in our food have been banned in many other countries.

One of these dyes is tartrazine (Yellow No. 5). It has been considered one of those colors that we should all avoid.

In fact, Yellow No. 5 has been said to cause allergies, behavioral issues, insomnia, hyperactivity, and cancer.

Even though there are many claims about the potential dangers of Yellow No. 5, a lot of the research was filled with errors.

As for allergies to this dye, the FDA has tried to address this by requiring the identification of Yellow No. 5 on the listing of food ingredients.

The agency also states that allergic reactions to the additive are rare.

When it comes to asthma attacks, the FDA found no evidence that Yellow No. 5 could be the cause.


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