10 Food Additives That Are Not As Bad As We Thought

Methods of preserving food have been present since ancient times. From fermentation to salt, our ancestors used everything available to them to preserve the flavor and longevity of their food.

However, as time went on, the desire to preserve the color, flavor, and “shelf life” of food intensified.

Soon, dozens of food additives and preservatives were created and put into meats, butters, breads, and more.

There’s no doubt that some food additives are questionable. In fact, some deemed safe in the United States are banned in other countries.

Nevertheless, as these substances multiplied, several misconceptions evolved about the effects that food additives and preservatives have on our bodies.

Even so, large doses of some substances on this list can lead to serious damage.


10 Food Additives That Are Not As Bad As We Thought

Saccharin is another food additive used to sweeten things up. Similar to aspartame, this product is far sweeter than sugar (300 times).

So, less of it needs to be used, resulting in fewer calories. However, saccharin has been under fire for being a carcinogen. In the 1970s, one study linked saccharin to bladder cancer in lab rats.

Even though this finding was quite frightening, it was quickly stated that the bladder tumors in rats were not relevant to humans.

Now saccharin is considered safe to consume by most health authorities.


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